Kohler 1144925

Kohler Kohler 1144925 Pressure Balance Repair Kit

1144925: $135.00

Kohler GP1016515

Kohler GP1016515 Valve for Single-Control Faucets

GP1016515: $24.00

Kohler GP30320

Kohler GP30320 Kohler Pressure Balance Adaptor to use the older style plastic balancing valve (GP71969) with the newer shower bodies.

GP30320: $20.00

Kohler GP500520

Kohler GP500520 Shower Pressure Balancing Unit

GP500520: $52.00

Kohler GP71969

Kohler GP71969 Plastic Stem Mixer Cap for Pressure-Balancing Valve On Older-Style Coralais and Sterling showers.

GP71969: $25.00

Kohler GP77005 RP

Kohler GP77005-RP Hot Ceramic Cartridge

GP77005-RP: $25.00

Kohler GP77548

Kohler GP77548 Coralais Valve Kit

GP77548: $16.00

Kohler GP77759

Kohler GP77759 Mixer Cap for Pressure Balance Valve

GP77759: $52.00

Kohler GP77886

Kohler GP77886 Mixer Cap for Coralais Pressure Balance Valve

GP77886: $52.00

KOHLER K-T15621-4-CP

KOHLER K-T15621-4-CP Coralais Mixing Valve Trim, Polished Chrome

K-T15621-4-CP: $37.00


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